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PRISM Division

Professional Integrated Supply Management



DECO Tool Supply Company has earned the reputation for anticipating customer’s needs and proactively providing a solution.  Early on, DECO Tool Supply Company recognized the need for a specialized support team to provide procurement systems that meet your needs -not your suppliers.


Our PRISM Division was formed in 1997 to develop a comprehensive program to help REDUCE YOUR TOTAL MANUFACTURING COSTSThese programs will combine administrative and purchasing tools to improve your inventory accuracy; storage systems to provide usage control and accountability; shop-floor manufacturing and engineering support to improve your processes; objective documentation and reporting systems to help you evaluate your success.

Like a PRISM that presents many different colors from one light source, you can secure many services and products through DECO Tool.  These programs will provide you the BEST TOOL AVAILABLE from virtually any manufacturer to solve your specific need.  Our experienced Sales Engineers work closely with you and our suppliers to provide the optimum tool for your job.

Many manufacturers have accumulated dead or slow moving inventory that represent 50-70% of their total inventory dollars.  Our inventory systems are designed to provide you with the information you need to monitor your inventory, control its use, and track the movement of your investment dollarsWe will provide a system based on what your needs are. 

DECO Tool Supply Company has over 80 implementations that are designed around the customer’s culture.  These implementations vary from a small “keep-fill” system to fully integrated programs with on-site personnel.  They include software systems, the newest vending technologies and numerous replenishment programs. We can help decide what is best for your company by proactively providing solutions

DECO Tool Supply’s PRISM Division has the flexibility to provide a seamless and successful program for your company. We offer technical support, the latest technological product offerings, and an experienced staff to train you today with the ability to support you in the future.

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